Saturday March 28, 2015

Indigenous Music Culture.


Stream Laura Ortman’s Soundtrack for ‘Gringo Trails’, New Doc Film on Global Tourism

Acclaimed violinist and composer Laura Ortman provides the haunting and beautiful soundtrack for Gringo Trails, a new documentary exploring the impact of global tourism. …read more »


Juno Awards 2015: Full List of Nominees for Aboriginal Album of the Year

The full list of #JUNO2015 nominations were announced today leading up to the Juno Awards week celebrations March 9-15, 2015.
…read more »


Download The Medics’ New Single “Wake Up”, Released for Invasion Day

Acclaimed rockers The Medics drop a potent new song, “Wake Up”, for Invasion Day—in solidarity with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples struggling against the celebration of colonialism in ‘Australia’. …read more »