Based In: Winnipeg, MB

D1 has been known to rhyme with style and perform with hype and expanding the scene throughout Canada and the US for years. In 2006 D1 worked with producer Felton Pilate in California and performed in Sonoma County on B.E.T.’s hyphy Special Weekend. In 2008 D1 relocated to Alberta and worked with Lantix Krew. Throughout 2008 and 2009, D1 and Str8 Tripp performed in Alberta and British Columbia. Currently D1’s songs are aired on British Columbia and Alberta radio. With over hundreds of songs, its not hard to get excited. This is a new wave of music, Grind Core Hip Hop is the combination of the base core that has made hip hop to what it has evolved to by today’s standards and the integration of sounds from all genres of music. Grind Core Hip Hop takes on many different styles, tempos and forms.

Artist: D1

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