Hendo Bros

Based In: Winnipeg, MB

Tyler Hendo Henderson and Dylan Eric North Henderson are the Hendo Bros. Born and raised in Winnipeg’s north end by their single mother, Eric started making beats about 5 years ago. At the time, Tyler was very much involved in the local hip hop scene and used that to his advantage. Using his networking skills he reached out to various recording artists and what ultimately came out of that was their debut mixtape, The Peg City Compilation, featuring many hit singles that got attention by local radio station Streetz (RIP). From then on they focused on making music videos, their website and expanding their network and online presence.  The brothers then came up with the idea of a sophomore release. After releasing a few singles off the project and even collaborating with Young Noble of 2pac’s Outlawz, the ‘Blessed’ EP started coming together. Now the plan is to release a free EP with online retailers and signed hard copies available as well for those who choose to support their passion of creating music for the masses.