Impossible Nothing

Worldwalking Tuscany-born downtown New Yorker and Wiimpatya of many names. D’Arcy, known by one of his stage names as Impossible Nothing, is an artist and music producer exploring the overlapping direct current contextualization of a rapidly doubling 1st world urbanized technocracy and the 4th world diasporic tribal unity driven humanistic mind of a high degree luminary.  Employing an approach called “Maximalism”, Impossible Nothing is an umbrella for multi genre music production ranging from scoring television and film, to experimental electronic music composition and traditional Hip-Hop, as noted in the emergence of alter-ego X-men comic book rapper Bishop.

Continues his family tradition’s line of work from desert people who have no word for ‘artist’ or ‘art’, and more specifically the son of the painter Wendy Frost.  Frost, among other works, has a piece in Australia’s National Portrait Gallery and is responsible for many permanent and impermanent murals inside the world famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem.

Currently lives and works in upstate New York as a multi-media artist, painter and musician.

Artist: Impossible Nothing

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