Mark Holland

Based In: Missouri, USA

Mark Holland is a Native American flute musician from Missouri. Mark Holland is considered by many authorities on the Native American Flute to be among the top flutists performing and recording today. Leader and founder of Autumn’s Child, Mark Holland has been called, “the Jimi Hendrix of the Native American Flute”. His unique approach and usage of the flute along with his technical skills brings about such comparisons. Holland has described his project Autumn’s Child as Global Chamber Music; a hybrid of world, jazz, classical and folk styles. Through Autumn’s Child, Holland showcases the versatility of the Native American Flute, creating a new acoustic instrumental fusion, an eclectic sound that is truly one of a kind. Mark Holland started Autumn’s Child in 1995. He began his publishing and record label, Cedar n Sage Music in 1997. He has recorded 16 CDs to date.





Artist: Mark Holland

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