Michael Bucher

Based In: Birchwood, Wisconsin, USA

Michael Bucher is a Cherokee singer-songwriter who was taught from the beginning of his memory the stories, language and legends of his people. His songs are intended to teach, heal and bring an awareness to everyone who hears them. He sings about topics that are important to him and others in Indian Country. From the desecration of sacred sites, to Cherokee legends, to the sometimes seemingly Invisible Indian, there’s a passionate quality throughout. With strong vocals and heartfelt lyrics, his music is a blend of acoustic guitar, native and a contemporary drum, flute, shakers, rattles, bass and electric guitars, and cuts a swath through native folk, blues and rock.

Artist: Michael Bucher

Vincent Schilling’s Book “Native Musicians in The Groove”

Vincent Schilling’s book Native Musicians In The Groove focuses on the lives and accomplishments of Indigenous musicians.
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