Nadia Gaudet & Jason Burnstick

Based In: Winnipeg

As they join forces, Francophone-Métis singer-songwriter, Nadia Gaudet, and Plains-Cree guitarist, Jason Burnstick, find a musical kinship, merging their unique musical voices on their first-ever all-original children’s lullaby album Dream Big, Little One * Fais de beaux rêves, petit ange. Inspired by the lullaby, Jayva’s Song, written with her five-year-old niece, Nadia and Jason journey into the world of children’s music, the time to write and record this beautiful and unique album. Together, they create a magical dreamworld as they combine Jason’s palpable guitar melodies to Nadia’s enchanting vocal harmonies, weaving together French, English and Cree lyrics: marrying languages, bridging cultures.

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