N’we Jinan

Based In: Montreal, QC

Bringing joy and empowerment to the entire nation, the N’we Jinan Tour visited 10 communities throughout the province of Quebec to discover talented Cree artists who had a desire for music. Receiving over 100,000 plays on the Tour’s official soundcloud page, the N’we Jinan  Tour compiled 19 original songs with over 70 youths and had such an impact that it was featured on CBC News: Hip-hop giving hope to Cree youth in Northern Quebec. The project later hit the Itunes charts and landed at Number 1 in the country in the Hip-Hop Category in May 2014. The Tour will be traveling to all First Nation communities across Canada and into Native American communities as well.

Artist: N'we Jinan

N’we Jinan Artists from Oxford House Manitoba Release New Video for “When The Dust Settles”

N’we Jinan’s latest project brings us talent from the Oxford House Bunibonibee Cree Nation in northern Manitoba. RPM got to know one of Bunibonibee’s upcoming talents, Trenton “BoiDee” Robinson, a 19-year old hip hop artist featured in “When The Dust Settles” by the N’we Jinan artists.
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WATCH: N’we Jinan x Indian Island Penobscot Nation’s Video “Skicin In You”

N’we Jinan and Seven Eagles Media released their latest music video for “Skicin In You,” another empowering track from their latest album Skicin Generation Vol. 4 that dropped last week.
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Listen to N’we Jinan’s “Skicin Generation Vol. 4,” Music from the Wabanaki Confederacy

David Hodges, hip-hop producer, youth worker, and Director of N’we Jinan, talks to RPM about the growth of the N’we Jinan project and Skicin Generation Vol.4, with music produced from four communities of the Wabanaki Confederacy, dropping August 12.
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