Red Three

Based In: Edmonton, AB

RED3 is a trio comprised of JULEZ LAVISH, ADVO, and JACK FRO$T. RED3 has garnered themselves a large following in the streets and online. With the release of their much anticipated and well reviewed debut album, RED3 has stepped into the forefront of their genre and taken their name and brand to a whole new level. All coming from an enriched Cree and Metis cultural background, RED3 has broken many barriers and obstacles that pertain to such persecution and stereotyping that come in hand with being of Aboriginal and Metis decent. From the urban streets of Edmonton, Alberta these artists had to overcome many trials and tribulations to be in the position they are in today. Taking all the negatives they had in life and turning it into something positive RED3 is well on their way to local and commercial success.

Artist: Red Three

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