Savage Family

Based In: Illegally Occupied, UM USA

Savage Family, H.G.S. / Higher Grounds of Struggle are a collective of a movement/ resistance that exists with or without us and with or without a name. Savage Family, HGS represents the voice of our people a people that have been ignored and unheard for years. We are the Forgotten, the people without names, faces, and voices. We are sacred in our imposed silence however and we sill be silent no longer. Savage Family, HGS have been given the ability to speak through music (HIP HOP).

Artist: Savage Family

Black Hills Unity Concert 2016 Honours All That is Sacred

After broken treaties and years of injustice, people are coming together in Unity to take stand for the return of the Black Hills to the Lakota Tribes. Join the movement for The Black Hills Unity Concert on September 9-11 in South Dakota.
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DOWNLOAD: The Indigenous Futurisms Mixtape

Welcome to the sounds of the Indigenous future: a hyperpresent now, melding the worlds within and beyond what we can hear, see and imagine. In collaboration with Kimiwan Zine’s new issue, we are proud to bring you the Indigenous Futurisms mixtape.
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Rebel Music: Listen to the Revolutionary Sounds of Native America

Rebel Music premieres with Native America, a high profile showcase of Indigenous musicians and artists making waves in the music scene and change in their communities. …read more »

DOWNLOAD: Savage Generation – “N8tive Up”

This killer new track is from Savage Generation  and features K9. Savage Generation is the collaborative project of KASP (from the award winning hip-hop group 7th Generation), the conscious hip-hop collective of Savage Family and HGS (Higher Grounds of Struggle). …read more »