Savannah Rae Boyko

Based In: Winnipeg, MB

Quirky. Fearless. Passionate. Fun. Words to describe the music and personality of 16-year-old pop singer Savannah Rae Boyko from Fisher River Cree Nation in Manitoba. Savannah’s endearing music is a depiction of young life filled with emotion, vivacity, fun times and heartache. These days, Savannah is busy recording her debut EP with well-known Canadian music producer Chris Burke-Gaffney. Savannah co-wrote the songs with the help of Burke-Gaffney and high-profile Canadian co-writers, Keith Macpherson and Murray Pulver – all musical heavyweights. Savannah provides the genesis for each song, bringing ideas and lyrics to the table, and her own vision for vocal effects.

Artist: Savannah Rae Boyko

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