Slick & Lil’ J

Based In: Manitoba, CAN

Entertainer, Slick dances the Red River Jig ,Orange Blossom Special along with his lil brother 8 year old Jacob (Lil J) who he taught everything he needs to know. Slick plays the fiddle and enjoys performing in front of a crowd of people. Slick is 11 years old, has been dancing now for 5 years. Other Special Guest who has been there for Slick and he admires is J.J. Lavallee, Sierra Noble, Dave Lavallee, Darren Lavallee, Clint Dutiaume, Clifford Maytwayashing, Shawn Mousseau, Ryan D’Aoust, Jason Lepine and many more.

Artist: Slick & Lil' J

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