Stone Mathers

Based In: London, ON, Canada

Born and raised in London Ontario, my mother’s family Chippewa and  my father’s family Oneida. I’m a bridge baby. I’ve never understood what it is I’m supposed to do with life, I just know that the power I have over creation satisfies the demon in me. All art forms have fallen to my grasp. At first it was Lego, then it was drawing, then it was doodles… When i first started high school I discovered ways to “make beats” on computers. The bass, the mimicking of popular hip hop music, sloppy loops random synth work… It eventually found structure, ground. I know what i like to hear and but I don’t know what i like to create. Creativity is a monster, it needs to be wrestled into the dirt. And \’m the Creator.

Artist: Stone Mathers

imagineNATIVE Announces 10 Finalists for the Inaugural Bull’s Eye Music Contest

Bull’s Eye is a contest in search of Canada’s next emerging Indigenous musical talent. With the support of Slaight Music, imagineNATIVE will award this year’s winner $10,000 cash towards unprecedented opportunities to turn their talent into a career.
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