SVGE Music

Based In: Fort St.John, BC

SVGE Music was formed in 2012 after Daniel Greyeyes (ItsRokk) was finishing up his schooling at Kelowna’s prestigious School of Arts as an Audio Engineer. He moved back to Fort St. John, BC and invited over some local hiphop artists Derek Greyeyes (Indiano) and Travis Apsassin (Lil Boss) and formed SVGE Music. There was one thing missing – an artist that can spit as fast as the best of em and a gritty underground sound, so they recruited Denan Mazur (Menace D) and he jumped on the opportunity. They have been recording ever since and making videos with the time they have with their day to day jobs, they are hoping to grow SVGE Music by reaching more fans and start growing their group SVGE Music aka Society Vividly Grinding Ent.

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