Tara Williamson

Based In: Nogojiwanong

Somewhere between Gaabishkigamaag (Swan Lake, Manitoba) and Nogojiwanong (Peterborough, Ontario), Tara Williamson remembered that she loved to sing. Trained classically as a vocalist, with some private piano lessons and public-school-music-class guitar lessons, Tara has yet to decide on a genre. She is currently working on writing a musical….with waltzing trees. Her lyrics and styles are influenced by: her identity as an Anishinaabekwe/Nehayowak (Ojibwe/Cree woman); relationships with family, friends, and lovers; the land; nostalgia; and sometimes even optimism.

Artist: Tara Williamson

Here Are More Than 30 Indigenous Releases to Buy on Bandcamp in Support of Transgender Rights

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