Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson

Based In: Skidegate, BC

Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson (Haida) just released her second CD New Journeys, an exciting musical work that combines original songs written in the Haida language with contemporary instrumentation. Sung by Terri-Lynn & arranged by renowned classical composer & producer Bruce Ruddell. For her work helping bring renewal to Haida songs, she received a “Keeper of Traditions” Canadian Aboriginal Music Award in 2008. One of the CD’s from the Contemporary box set, featuring Terri-Lynn as a solo singer: Lalaxaaygans: Beautiful Sound, received the “Best Female Traditional / Cultural Roots” award at the 2009 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards (CAMA). Along with her passion for language she is also a well-known lawyer representing the Haida Nation in the area of aboriginal-environmental law.

Artist: Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson

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