Impossible Nothing Talk ‘Montechristo’

Impossible Nothing‘s album Montechristo is a unique collaboration between friends Darwin Frost and Bracken Hanuse Corlett (Oweekeno/Coast Salish). Frost composed the beats and Hanuse Corlett curated the songs and designed the artwork.

BHC: I’m a multimedia artist hailing from the Wuikinuxv and Klahoose Nations. I started working in the arts ten years ago in theatre and performance. I then shifted focus into media arts and visual arts. I have trained with acclaimed Northwest Coast Heiltsuk artists Bradley Hunt and his sons Shawn Hunt and Dean Hunt. I’m a graduate of the En’owkin Centre of Indigenous Art and I’m in my grad year at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

DF: My name is Darwin Frost, and I do magic. I work in the present moment with media to manipulate it so that our beings have an easier time traversing through life; I world-walk.

RPM: How did you come to collaborate on this album?

DF: Bracken has always been someone who has been able to draw from within and bring up something interesting. He’s abstract within his artwork, which ranges from traditional west coast to full on maximalist pop, and his use of color has always been something I admired.

BHC: The Impossible Nothing is my bro. He asked me to collab(orate) and I said yes. We had some good discussions/battles on the tracks and the flow of putting an album together. It was like building a comic book.

DF: We both are multimedia artists but at the point in time we were doing this album, Bracken was working on visual art like drawing and painting primarily and I was working on music. It was natural to include both our works as one project. Montechristo was paired down to 11 tracks from about 45 so it was a lot of work on both of our parts to get it done

RPM: What are you working on next?

BH: I am working on a video project for a media arts grant that I got this summer. I’m working on some video and paintings for my grad show. I’m also going to release a beat tape in 2012 under the alias Amphibian 14. And I am going to be locked in my studio in preparation for an upcoming solo show. I’m on this maximalism shit Darwin goes on and on about.

DF: I keep most of that to myself. I am working on paintings, more albums (commercial ones and free ones), music videos, and lots of other art in between.

Impossible Nothing‘s album, Montechristo, is available for download on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Check out their track “Mother Tongue”.

◯⨝⊻Mother Tongue – Off of “Montechristo”. Out now! by Īṃƥɵʂşiƃɭȅ∞Ƞ૦ƫȟįȵğ

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  1. Eliza McCullough

    Awesome Work Guys, Much love, appreciate the inspiration

  2. Mahkos

    I’m very proud to say that I’ve worked with the massively talented Darwin Frost on my most cherished film, NIKAMOWIN, to date. You are moving on and up my friends.

  3. bracken hanuse corlett

    Hey thanks for the love people. Darwin is down in L.A. right now freaking people out at UCLA and going to Movie premieres in bright flourescent gear 🙂 I’m sitting here at the house feeling the good vibrations. Look out for the Amphibian14 Beat tape 2012!!!!

  4. Thanks for the love.
    Love you right back.
    It’s a circle.

    New raven in town.


    • You are an immaculate Sonic Craftsman, you are mos’ def’ accomplishing that which you sought to do, for healing has been brought to me at least. I yearn to hear your MechaDOOM mixtape, but am thoroughly fulfilled through your latest 5 albums, they hit my mind, body, and spirit in all the right ways.

      May your path be wrought in wisdom, prosperity, and grand understanding

      – PhiWrit