Thelma Plum Feels Change For The Better

Thelma Plum has been making some major noise in Australia after winning the triple j Unearthed competition, and now shares some answers to some questions.

The triple j Unearthed competition for the National Indigenous Music Awards in Australia took place last month, and a surprising winner surfaced from its ranks. Seventeen-year-old Thelma Plum took the judges and audience by storm and took the honors of winning the competition and the opportunity to perform at the National Indigenous Music Awards on August 11th in Darwin.

We got a chance to ask some questions of Thelma and she was kind enough to answer.

RPM: What is your name, location and occupation?

Thelma Plum: My name is Thelma Plum, I am from Brisbane and I am a musician.

RPM: How do you do today?

TP: Very well thank you, recovering from a gig last night!

RPM: After winning the triple j Unearthed competition, congratulations by the way, how have things changed for you?

TP: Thanks so much! Things have changed so much – for the better though! I think this was a great thing for my music as it has now opened lots of doors.

RPM: When you started music, did you ever expect such a great reception?

TP: I started when I was very young, so not really!

RPM: Who were your major influences growing up, musical or not?

TP: As cliche as this sounds, my parents. They have always influenced me for the better and inspired me lots with my music! Paul Kelly has also been a huge musical influence to me my whole life.

RPM: Are there any new artists out there that are on your radar?

TP: So many! Brisbane is thriving with musicians at the moment, Steve Grady and Andrew Lowden are two Brisbane artists who are amazing!

RPM: If you could work with any artist, past or present, who would that be?

TP: Paul Kelly! No questions asked!

RPM: What, if any, challenges have you faced as a young Indigenous woman in the music industry?

TP: I don’t think I have really faced too many challenges to do with that so much. Though being so young definitely makes it harder to play gigs sometimes as I’m not old enough to get into the venue!

RPM: Do you have any advice for the youth out there looking to enter the world of music?

TP: Just go for it! You are so young, you have nothing to lose!

RPM: Thanks for your time Thelma!

Watch: Thelma Plum – singing her new untitled song

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