Eternal Love: Hip-Hop Artist and Cacique Mestizo

Mayan hip-hop artist David Ernesto Gutierrez-Guevara, aka Eternal Love, creates work inspired by politics, poverty, religion and social class. He’s worked with Diabolic, Hassan Salam and The Circle, Prince E. and Chino XL making a name for himself as a producer, collaborator and solo-artist. …read more »

JB the First Lady Comes Full Circle

Nuxalk/Six Nations artist Jerilyn Webster, aka JB the First Lady, is “the cutest hip-hop emcee ever”. She’s also a co-founder of the First Ladies Crew – a group of 11 women all doing hip-hop – and the executive director of KAYA – Knowledgeable Aboriginal Youth Association. RPM talked with JB about the labeling of Indigenous music, rapping for elders and the gig that set her on her musical path. …read more »