Listen to DJ Shub’s Electrifying Remix of Shawnee’s ‘Canadian Cry’

Mohawk songstress Shawnee gets a complete sonic makeover by the one and only DJ Shub, in his blown out remix of “Canadian Cry”.

He may have parted ways with A Tribe Called Red, but that isn’t slowing DJ Shub down for a second.

Shub’s latest is a total reimagining of Shawnee‘s plaintive acoustic ballad “Canadian Cry”, which he takes from its country-tinged origins, chops up, and transforms into an electrifying club anthem.

Speaking of anthems, in a wink to the nation-state, Shub lifts and loops a repeated vocal sample of Shawnee singing “my home and native” while he builds the track into a huge drop for the chorus, amplifying the song to new dancefloor-rocking rhythmic heights.

Listen to both below to get a taste of the original and the electrifying Shub remix.

STREAM: Shawnee – “Canadian Cry”

STREAM: Shawnee – “Canadian Cry” (DJ Shub Remix)

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