DOWNLOAD: Boogey the Beat – “Mother Earth”

Boogey the Beat drops an Indigenized-trap tune sampling pow wow vocals on his latest single, “Mother Earth”.  

We’re happy to see that A Tribe Called Red‘s precedent-setting, movement-building mashup of pow wow music and electronica, affectionately known as Powwow Step, is spreading out and being taken up in creative new ways by other Indigenous artists.

After throwing down his heartfelt Live DJ Set for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women last month, Boogey the Beat has released a string of singles in supporting Indigenous women and female artists, including a hype remix of Tanya Tagaq’s “Uja”, the blasting, women’s vocal-sampling song “Anishinaabekwe” and now his latest, “Mother Earth”.

“Mother Earth” drops in at a more mellow tempo, but its rolling rhythm, open hi-hats, deep 808 kicks, and synth lines paired with a looped sample of women’s pow wow vocals works perfectly.

Download Boogey the Beat’s “Mother Earth”

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