DOWNLOAD: Clint Hamilton – “In Kind”

From Moosonee, Ontario, Clint Hamilton is a guitar slinging, gritty rock n’ roller with the songwriting heart of a poet.

Clint Hamilton generally writes and records in his home studio, utilizing loops and samples but with an eye on keeping the sound as natural as possible. “Writing, recording and producing has a pretty steep learning curve but it is getting easier as I go along, picking up tricks and experience along the way”, says Hamilton of working as a DIY artist.

This track was written in response to a request for a “love song” from his wife and at first listen, the song has all the rock must haves – back beat, skilled guitar solos, a rough-around-the-edges lead vocal. But listen closer, and again, because if you missed it the first time, you’ll find it also has the more intangible qualities of poetry and passion that make good songs great.

DOWNLOAD: Clint Hamilton – “In Kind”

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  1. Derek Sandy

    great sound!!! how can a listener get more? I am a dj on an all native radio CKRZ Six Nations