DOWNLOAD: Desiree Dorion – “Soul Back Jack”

Desiree Dorion sings with passion and sass. It’s kick-ass pure country – get into this week’s RPM Download Soul Back Jack.

Soul Back Jack is the title track from Desiree Dorion‘s most recent, critically acclaimed, and award-winning fan-favourite album. It’s polished, vibrant, catchy, impassioned country  music at its get-up-and-dance best. Throughout the album, the real highlight is truly Dorion’s incredible voice. Damn, girl can sing and she just nails it in this track. Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD: Desiree Dorion – “Soul Back Jack”

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  1. Hi!
    I really do like her twang and the beat! Reminds me of Shania Twain, which I loved her everysong and album! this girl sounds great! I like her deep throaty voice, instead of whining high pitched…i do not enjoy! but ya..this girl rocks…
    thanks for sharing her song!!