DOWNLOAD: Gary Farmer & The Troublemakers – “Make a Change”

When I first think of Gary Farmer, I think of (and love) his roles as Arnold Joseph (Victor’s Dad) in Smoke Signals and Nobody in Dead Man. But his acting career started twenty years before those 90s films and continues to this day.  We’re big fans here at RPM and were thrilled to learn that Gary is also a fantastic songwriter and musician! Gary sent us this sneak peak from his upcoming blues/rock album Under the Water Tower and we’re honoured to spread the good sounds. The album drops this fall – we’ll keep you posted – but in the meantime, get your groove on with Make a Change.

Download:  Gary Famer & The Troublemakers – “Make a Change”

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  1. nice. thanks RPMfm. aho.

  2. steve spence

    very good blues! i like it very much!

  3. bernadette

    ” sounded great ” Gary ,first time hearing you sing . love the song felt the groove come in or the change coming in, be looking out this fall for cd. great way to say do it now.

  4. Yo Brother i saw a guy in the store yesterday looked just like you- except he had cover alls on…man…i blew him a kiss in your honour & he smiled i had some nice red lipstick on, haha…let us know if you’re coming to Cali on the Coast-or by Yosemite! Big Love…HO!

  5. ooo weee we sure do la la love ya guys!

  6. Eugene Strong

    Gary Farmer is really great !!!!!!! How can one say more?

  7. linda

    sweet, sweet soul music…

  8. Doris Spittal

    You are sounding good! Love the blues…and it is a soulful song…looking forward to your CD!

  9. Jason

    Thank you for the message.
    Wondering about the title..
    ‘Make a Change’ or ‘Make the Change’?

  10. Missy Kates

    Many Blessings from our chapter at AIM South Texas,wow love those blues…sounds are OH SO SWEET..thank you hope your day is as sweet as these sounds!!

  11. Valerie Winslow

    been loving Gary since I first saw him in Smoke Signals, and so many other films where he contributed so much. But when I bought his Lovesick CD, I heard another level of his creative spirit, talent and soul. no matter what the media, Gary is on top of the game. He is such a decent human being and does much to promote that ideal in others. Gary Farmer is the best and I sure wish his tour would bring him to New England. Would love to hear and meet him. thanks for the peak into his new CD.

  12. Lucie Irwin

    Great stuff!!! Loved this!!!!!