DOWNLOAD: Impossible Nothing’s “Mechadoom”

Skookum Sound System’s Impossible Nothing continues his prolific output with this maximalist rework of MF Doom classics.

Impossible Nothing has a penchant for pulverizing samples into distorted recursive loops and new kinetic phrases. Here, he takes the mask-clad raps of the Vaudeville Villain, Viktor Vaughn—aka the inimitable hip-hop icon MF Doom—and wraps his vocals inside a kaleidoscopic blend of stuttering beats, science show snippets and souled out, glitched up samples.

DOOM is the gift that keeps on giving. His effervescent flow seems endlessly appropriate to appropriation—and Impossible Nothing’s recombinant maximalism works wonders on the high priest of abstract rap science.

“Golly, he’s just a pest and your worst best friend
Who mend and rip space time fabric like polyester blend” 

Stream: Impossible Nothing – “Mechadoom” 

(and get the full album as free download at: impossiblenothing.bandcamp.com)


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