DOWNLOAD: Invasion Day 2014 Mixtape

The Brisbane Blacks, an independent non-profit First Nations publication based in occupied ‘Australia’, has brought together a bombastic roster of Indigenous hip-hop musicians, spoken word artists, and activists for the Invasion Day 2014 Mixtape.

Following K-otic 1‘s killer “Idle No More Invasion Day Mixtape 2013” from last winter, the Brizzy Blacks are keeping the beats banging and the rhythms of resistance rocking with this new compilation of music for the movement.

The Brisbane Blacks “exist for the sole purpose of awakening the Black CONSCIENCE,  raising Black AWARENESS and articulating the Black RESISTANCE”—all of which can be heard in righteous hip-hop form on this dope new mixtape, which was just released as a free download, following a wave of nationwide protests throughout Australia against the colonial celebration of “Australia Day” on January 26th.

The Invasion Day Mixtape celebrates the resistance and resurgence of Indigenous peoples in “Australia” to rise up and reclaim their presence in occupied and colonized lands. As MC Triks and bAbe SUN spit on their anthemic track: “We Still Right Here”. And that’s something we can get behind. Solidarity, brothers and sisters. This is a perfect first #MixtapeMonday of 2014.

Check the full track list and download the mixtape below.



2. Boomerang Effect – “da Brizzy Blacks”

3. Lorna Munro – “Peace Lines”

4. GUERILLA TACTICS – “Dedication”

5. La’ Teila – “Propose a QUESTion?”

6. MC Triks ft. Black Shield – “Fist Like This”

7. ?PRE ft. bAbE SUN and C.P.G. – “Why is My/HIStory such a Mystery?”

8. Provocalz ft. Dara and Black Shield – Stand Strong 03:37

9. Grammar – “So Sophisticated” (Brisbane Music Group)

10. Black Shield – “We Still Right Here(intro.)”

11. MC Triks and bAbE SUN – “We Still Right Here”

12. Uncle Paul – “My Land Will Not Be Taken!”

13. La’ Teila – “SMILE on my face”

14. MC Triks – “Australian Black Originals(ABO)” Co-Produced by MC Triks

15. Callum-Clayton Dixon – “LAND, LAW, LANGUAGE, LIFE &LIBERATION”

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