DOWNLOAD: IsKwé – “Another Love Song”

It’s #RPMDownload Tuesday, and this week we’re sharing an eloquently tenebrous, downtempo track from Winnipeg-born symbol of resplendence IsKwé.

“Smooth. Sultry. Salacious.” The self-described Hip-hop and R&B vocalist proves to be just those things with her latest release. IsKwé’s smooth voice and sultry lyrics drift over a deep, dark, and salacious dubstep beat like mists drifting off of rivers during hot summer nights.

Another Love Song begins as a whisper and gradually becomes a slow, rocking composition. Nothing but honey and smoke can describe this song’s pace, flavor and feeling. The author can’t help but think that Another Love Song ends too quickly; it’s the kind of song that you want to go on for tens of minutes. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Download: IsKwé – “Another Love Song”

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  1. Tonight on Native Trailblazers – the download of the week!!