DOWNLOAD: Sean ‘Blues Puppy’ Riquelme – “Licked”

We’d guess that Sean Riquelme earned his Blues Puppy title for the fact that he first started playing guitar at age 6 – as soon as his hands could reach the frets – and was performing for crowds at age 11. A young pup indeed, and now only at 15 years old he’s ready to take the music world by storm with his first EP Licked. The title track is this week’s #RPMdownload.

Guitar phenom Sean “Blues Puppy” Riquelme (Cree/Quichaua) is at the start of his career. His show “Tribute to Guitar Legends” runs at local venues, festivals, fundraisers and coffee shops with his band in British Columbia and it’s no surprise his influences include such legends as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Buddy Guy, BB King and Eric Clapton.

Riquelme is on the path to greatness himself with his clear dedication to his craft.

The new EP Licked is Riquleme’s first foray into original material and includes tracks written by Riquelme and co-written with producer Michael Burley. We’ve got the exclusive download of the title track for you this week – get it now and say you knew him when.

DOWNLOAD: “Licked” – Sean “Blues Puppy” Riquelme

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  1. I definitely knew him when he was Standing In Tupelo.
    many thanks