DOWNLOAD: Princess Nokia’s New Album, ‘1992’

New York’s ever-transforming Taino-bruja rap royalty Princess Nokia just dropped her new album, 1992, and it’s available as a free download.

Having teased the new record’s release on Instagram for the past few weeks, Princess Nokia debuted her latest release, 1992, this morning over at princessnokia.org and on SoundCloud.

1992 is a nine song selection of banging rap tracks dedicated both to her birth year and her decade of choice. It features a mix of producers from the likes of Bobby Johnson, Atrak, Lex Luger, Saint, and Blanco, plus a feature from Ratking’s Wiki.

The album is an unapologetically raucous, foul-mouthed, party rocking record that explores her ancestral connections to her Puerto Rican, Taino/Arawak, and Cuban background and her penchant for boricua braggadocio.

Get into it.

DOWNLOAD: Princess Nokia’s 1992