DOWNLOAD: Rex Smallboy – “Children Of God”

Here is new music from hip-hop veteran Rex Smallboy, his track Children Of God. Keeping along the lines of his pure hip-hop style, this track hits the ears and heart with real energy and focus.

Rex Smallboy is no newcomer to the art of hip-hop here in Turtle Island country. From the pioneering rap group War Party, Rex has been influencing and trailblazing Indigenous hip-hoppers here in Canada and beyond for years, and now shares with us a new track entitled Children Of God, which takes us on a real journey through the eyes of an observer of life and love.

DOWNLOAD: Rex Smallboy – “Children Of God”

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  1. Tonight – Rex Smallboy – “Children Of God” is the RP.FM download of the week!

    Listen to it along wit First Nations Comedian Brian Majore 0n Native Trailblazers! 7PM EST – or anytime in archives. Listen every Friday for the RPM.FM download of the week!

    Tonights show – (or anytime in archives)