DOWNLOAD: Siren Call – “Lastone”

From a network of new emerging, electronic artists that includes Black Hands and Stone Mathers, this week’s featured artist is Siren Call, of Wasauksing Nation.

Trevor Tabodandung, aka Siren Call, grew up taking in rap, rock and metal music, but it was an album by German elecro-house Digitalism that set him on path to exploring and creating his own house tracks. “I’m still learning lots about how to make music, but I like to make sounds I want to hear” says the young artist from Parry Sound, Ontario. Well Siren, we like the sounds too. Download this track to sweeten up your summer listening.

DOWNLOAD: Siren Call – “Lastone”

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  1. Nikeeta

    You guys! This is amazing 🙂

  2. rpm.fm download of the week on Native trailblazers


  3. BatKwe

    Awesome… also check out Native Trailblazers – you’re on there, about half through! Great job.