DOWNLOAD: Quillbox – “The Apology”

Quillbox is the new project from Ojibwe/Finnish artist Marc Meriläinen and The Apology in the first, brand spankin’ new single. Get it here.

Also the creator of NADJIWAN, Marc continues to explore genres and technology with his exciting new electronic project Quillbox. The first single is this week’s #RPMdownload – The Apology, which features samples of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s infamous “apology” speech to Aboriginal people for the residential school system. It’s a thought provoking mix of words, sounds, effects and emotion – what are your thoughts? Download the track now and leave your comments below.

 DOWNLOAD: “The Apology” – Quillbox

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  1. I like this new experimental side! I think you’ve captured somewhat of the essence of the speech.. so matter of fact when Harper speaks… no emotional connection.