DOWNLOAD: The Last Stand Mixtape – Vol. 1

RPM is proud to bring you an exclusive premiere of The Last Stand Mixtape, Vol. 1—a groundbreaking new compilation of Indigenous music, hip-hop, and spoken word.

If storytelling is the lifeblood of Indigenous creative expression, hip-hop has become its most recognizable and resonant form.

Across Indian Country, Native artists are uniting in common consciousness to effect change in their communities and to take a stand to express what they believe in. And they’re rocking mics while doing it.

The Last Stand Mixtape, Vol. 1 brings together a rising generation of Indigenous voices dedicated to using art and music for social change. More than a year in the making, the compilation features a who’s who of emerging artists mixing hip-hop, R&B, and spoken word poetics over the mixtape’s 22 heartfelt tracks.

From Mic Jordan‘s impassioned opener “#DearNativeYouth” and Enter Tribal‘s “Love of My Life”, to new joints from Tall Paul, Frank Waln, and Def-I, the mixtape includes Native hip-hop from across Turtle Island, plus soulful R&B jams from the likes of Desirae Harp and Inez Jasper.

But it’s the addition of spoken word that sets The Last Stand apart. Poetry courses through the album’s veins. It weaves through the beat-based tracks with new pieces from The 1491s’ Bobby WilsonTanaya Winder, and Rowie Shebala, to the beatbox rhyming of Lyla June Johnson‘s “Sundance Year Round”.

The Last Stand Mixtape represents the best aspects of being Indigenous in the 21st century: it’s rooted in culture, pushing the boundaries of what’s expected, and building a community ready to stand up to anything.

So, as America gathers around the dinner table to binge on turkey and colonial conquest, today’s a good to day to give thanks for something worth celebrating—the survival and artistry of Indigenous youth bringing power back to Native America.

Stream and downloadThe Last Stand Mixtape, Vol. 1


  1. Mic Jordan – #DearNativeYouth
  2. Supaman – Raise Em
  3. Marlon Footracer – Dear Native Youth
  4. Enter Tribal – The Love of My Life
  5. Desirae Harp – Center of the Earth
  6. Rowie Shebala – Indian Phoenix
  7. Bobby Wilson – All Rise
  8. Tall Paul – All Kingz
  9. Autumn White Eyes – Indigene
  10. Hannabah Blue – I Don’t Want to Be Sick Anymore
  11. BazilleDx – A Tribute to Pain
  12. David Rico – The Rez Don’t Visit
  13. Lee Francis – Crack in the Mesa
  14. Def-I – The Land of En*Frack*Ment
  15. Tanaya Winder – Ain’t No Sunshine
  16. Inez Jasper – Fallen Soldier
  17. Reed Bobroff – The Four Elements of Ghost Dance
  18. Wake Self – Today Was Like
  19. Lyla June Johnson – Sundance Year Round
  20. Echo Slim – On the Road
  21. Frank Waln – Victory Song
  22. Thomas X – Celebrate

Download The Last Stand Mixtape, Vol. 1 at laststandmixtape.bandcamp.com