FREE DOWNLOAD: Get Woke with Wake Self’s Powerful New Album ‘Malala’

While the collective consciousness comes to fruition, hip-hop MC Wake Self is doing his part to spread that good knowledge with his latest album, Malala

Wake Self‘s new work is chock-full of finely-crafted verses over slick beats and rhymes that flow seamlessly. All of this not only pleasures the ear, but his social commentary speaking truth to power throughout each track is exactly what we need right now. Malala empowers us all to keep it real and see through the veil of distraction put in place to keep us down and out.

“There are concepts inside of every song,” Wake explains. “Each song has its own mood, atmosphere, and anatomy. The way I feel about life and my experiences, beliefs, perception, and emotion is everything. As humans we are not the boxes and generalizations or short description we are forced to fit in. Everything we are is constantly expanding and deepening. Malala is an illustrated soundtrack to my journey and faith for a brighter future.”

“Making this album has already changed my life,” he says. “I am deeply connected to every word, syllable, rhyme pattern, feeling, concept, and idea that came through me on this project. I try to make music that can heal, inspire, bring love, awareness, happiness, and clarity. I want people to feel alive, and clear—to not only envision a new world, but to also start materializing it with our actions, and continue cleansing ourselves from the wounds of our past social patterns.”

With contributions from Miles Bonny, Belgian artist Blu Samu, partner-in-crime Def-i, vocalist Alia Lucero, Dre Z, and Gift of Gab of BlackaliciousMalala is a hip-hop masterpiece from beginning to end.

The best part is you can download it here for FREE.

Listen to Wake Self’s Malala


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