DOWNLOAD: Wake Self’s “Different”, featuring Equipto, Miles Bonny, and Raashan Ahmad

Wake Self returns with the killer posse cut, “Different”.

Aztec/Apache/Cherokee hip-hop artist, Wake Self, has been holding it down for a minute, and we’ll be the first to admit that we’ve been sleeping on this incredibly talented MC.

But that’s all done now. We’re officially on board.

Following a dope freestyle flip of Drake’s “0 to 100” instrumental a few months back, the Albuquerque-based MC jumps back into action with his latest joint, “Different”, a dynamic posse cut featuring Bay Area MC Equipto, Miles Bonny, and Oakland’s Crown City Rocker Raashan Ahmad.

Wake Self’s voice is instantly recognizable and his flow is undeniable, plus he’s thoughtful, clever, and intelligent. Over a head-nodding beat produced by MaulSkull, Wake Self and his comrades spit some serious bars about keeping it true to self, embracing your uniqueness, and the need to actively uncage your imagination.

If knowledge of self is one of hip-hop’s foundational elements, it’s also an essential part of the struggle for decolonization and self-liberation.

So let these talented MCs take you on a trip to the forefront of the Indigenous hip-hop movement. They’re chasing a dream bigger than fame and money, and that’s the path to self-love and acceptance—a more powerful form of wealth than any material gain could give.

Like the chorus tells it: “you might be different / but that don’t make no difference / just do what you gotta do”.


DOWNLOAD: Wake Self – “Different” feat. Equipto, Miles Bonny, and Raashan Ahmad


Wake Self’s latest album, Good Things Happen to Those Who Wake, is available now at wakeself.com. His new album, Malala, is set to be released this summer.

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