Listen to Golden Features’ Epic New Track, “No One”, Featuring Thelma Plum

Could this be the song of the summer?

Mask-clad Australian dance music producer Golden Features just dropped an epic new track featuring rising Indigenous star, Thelma Plum.

And oh what a track it is.

Plum’s ethereal vocals provide the perfect complement to Golden Features’ floating, melodic production. And the ever-intensifying, four-on-the-floor dancefloor destroyer that “No One” becomes is some kind of beat-based hypnosis. By the time the “it’s getting higher” refrain arrives, you’ll forget how you even got there. And then with that drop? Forget about it. It’s over.

Blast this one with the windows rolled down and the midnight summer heat still blazing. Thelma Plum’s stellar ascent continues its rapid rise.

STREAM: Golden Features – “No One (feat. Thelma Plum)”


Golden Features’ new EP, XXIV, is available to pre-order on iTunes

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