LISTEN: Tanya Tagaq Previews Aggressive New Track “Aorta” From Latest Album, ‘Retribution’

The much anticipated follow-up to Tanya Tagaq’s Polaris Prize-winning album Animism is on its way. Listen to “Aorta” from her new album Retribution, out October 21st.

According to a press release, Retribution is “an even more musically aggressive, more aggressively political, more challenging, more spine tingling, more powerful” album. More specifically, the album is about rape, “rape of women, rape of the land, rape of children, despoiling of traditional lands without consent.” The album will include a cover of Nirvana’s 1993 song “Rape Me.”

Joining Tagaq on this new record will be long-time collaborator Jesse Zubot, drummer Jean Martin, Tuvan throat singer Radik Tyülyüsh, traditional Inuk singer Ruben Komangapik, Shad, and Tagaq’s daughter Inuuja, who will also be featured on a song.

Tagaq recently premiered one of the tracks from Retribution on her SoundCloud. “Aorta” is a dark and twisted track bound to turn your stomach. It has you feeling like you’re in immediate danger, an attack, losing breath a in which the only way to survive is to “kill or die.”

LISTEN: Tanya Tagaq – “Aorta”

TRACKLIST for Retribution:

1. “Ajaaja”
2. “Retribution”
3. “Nacreous”
4. “Aorta”
5. “Centre” ft. Shad
6. “Summoning”
7. “Cold”
8. “Sivulivinivut”
9. “Sulfur”
10. “Rape Me”

The Red Bull Music Academy will be hosted in Montreal this year and they have just announced their lineup of concert performances. Tanya Tagaq will take part in a collaborative performance with fellow Polaris Prize-winners Fucked Up at La Tulipe in Montreal on September 28.  Tickets will go on sale August 23. The Red Bull Music Academy perfectly sums up why this collaboration is bound to be explosive:

“Fucked Up’s experimental take on hardcore punk music has seen them hailed as one of the most forward-thinking Canadian groups working today, and their politically charged ethos finds a kinship with Tanya Tagaq: the “polar punk” whose throat singing gives a powerful voice to the indigenous Canadian experience; Inuit pain and ecstasy expressed through song.”

Visit mtl.redbullmusicacademy.com/events for more info. 

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