Decolonize Your Playlist: Stream the New Mixtape from Sovereign Trax

Sovereign Trax is back with their June playlist of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.

Our cross-continental collab continues with the crew from Sovereign Trax, bringing you the dopest sounds of “nue & old trax…from contemporary and experimental” artists from the lands of occupied ‘Australia’.

Last month, SovTrax launched the second issue of their new zine, Sovereign Apocalypse, blending artful contributions into future imaginings of Indigenous sovereignty. Their latest issue, appropriately rocking on an Indigenous Futurism vibe, is themed around “Galactic Imaginings”—and features an interstellar mix of interviews, art, poetry, fashion photography, lyrics, recipes, and more. Equal parts Indigenous intervention and aesthetic subversion, SOVAPOC is bringing new forms to decolonizing self-representations and Aboriginal reimaginings of our collective present and future freedom.

Shout out to co-creators Hannah Donnelly and Gabi Briggs for pushing the #IndigenousMusic and media movement forward. Check this recent review via The Lifted Brow:

The zine was launched last month in Melbourne with an all-star line-up of live performances by Seeka, Birdz, GekkZ, Tahu Dubs and Marze, as the SOVAPOC collective continues to update your essential listening list with the best of contemporary and experimental music by black artists. Blackfulla musicians, artists and writers en masse whether in performance, playlists or publications can evoke a great sense of solidarity and excited strength among blackfullas, but also offer something thrilling and new to a general public. This is what this eye-catching, tactile zine is doing in Melbourne, I think, and perhaps its applicability is because it feels as if it has come from Wiradjuri country, country pre-colonisation (only 230 years ago, I’ll keep saying it, it’s such a short time), and country now urbanised, slick and gritty and flashy – the mix of both these truths finding popularity in the hand-selling and online selling of this publication.

On the musical tip, the latest selections of Sovereign Trax celebrate indigeneity and resistance in multiple forms, featuring new songs from the likes of R.3.BJPoint, Robbie Miller, and Lady Lash. The talent runs deep and the sounds are an effortless mix of hip-hop, electronica, R&B, reggae, and bluesy-acoustic…all representing Indigenous pride and power.



Sovereign Trax: June Playlist – Track List

  1. E.T.P – Habit’s Die Hard
  2. Nathan Morrison x Robbie Miller – Oceans
  3. Golden Features x Thelma Plum – No One
  4. Coedie Ochre Warrah – GRIIIND
  5. Marze x Seeka – Lady Lady
  6. Lady Lash – World Gone Silly ft. Pyne
  7. Philly – Dreamchaser
  8. JPoint – Get Wrecked
  9. Zaacharia Fielding – She is the Light
  10. Scott Campbell – Tipsy
  11. Bow and Arrow – Midnight
  12. Paul Gorrie – Pay the Rent
  13. Karate Surfing – Shadows
  14. Eastern Reggae – Grog’s No Good
  15. Marlene Cummins – Pemulwuy

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