STREAM: A Tribe Called Red’s New Album, ‘We Are The Halluci Nation’

A Tribe Called Red‘s long-awaited third full-length album We Are The Halluci Nation is finally here.

We Are The Halluci Nation may be a concept album, but it speaks truth to power throughout the entirety of its 15 tracks. The Halluci Nation are those who have been awakened, holding knowledge of the interconnectedness between everything sacred. The message bringing us back to the humanization of our beings.

The ALie Nation are the ones who exist through colonization, normalized violence, sickness, and numbness. They lack their spirit, they exist to destroy, conquer, and control.

The collaborative work in each track demonstrates the strength and beauty within a global consciousness, no longer held down by the affects of colonization on a people, whose spirits are resilient and indestructible.

A Tribe Called Red show tremendous growth in this album. The collaborative efforts in every track pulls out something brand new that we’ve never heard from each artist orgroup, arguably making We Are The Halluci Nation A Tribe Called Red’s best album to date.

Listen to it in full below.

A Tribe Called Red – We Are The Halluci Nation – Tracklist:

  1. We Are The Halluci Nation Ft. John Trudell, Northern Voice
  2. R.E.D. Ft. Yasiin Bey, Narcy & Black Bear
  3. The Virus Ft. Saul Williams & Black Bear
  4. BEFORE Ft. Joseph Boyden
  5. ᓯᓚ (Sila) Ft. Tanya Tagaq
  6. The Light Ft. Lido Pimienta
  7. Maima Koopi Ft. OKA and Chippewa Travellers
  8. JHD Ft. Junior Ottawa
  9. Eanan Ft. Maxida Marak
  10. The Muse Ft. Jen Kreisberg
  11. Indian City Ft. Northern Voice
  12. How I Feel Ft. Leonard Sumner, Shad & Northern Voice
  13. For You (The Light Part II) Ft. Lido Pimienta
  14. ALie Nation Ft. John Trudell, Lido Pimienta, Tanya Tagaq & Northern Voice
  15. SOON Ft. Joseph Boyden

STREAM: A Tribe Called Red’s We Are The Halluci Nation: