STREAM: Fawn Wood’s Stunning New Album Honouring the Female Spirit, Kikawiynaw

Plains Cree/Salish singer Fawn Wood‘s new album is almost too good for words. 

But, beautiful, powerful, moving, and raw but pulsing with strength are a few we can start with.

Titled Kikāwiynaw meaning “our mother,” Wood’s latest collection honours the female spirit. Her clear, warm, and expressive voice is an open door—guiding you into her round dance, hand game, and traditional songs. Once inside, you’re greeted with layered, ethereal harmonies and occasional gentle instrumentation that gently wrap you in their warmth.

Wood’s music invites you to connect with your spirit as she travels through themes of longing, loss, remembrance, family, celebration, and gratitude.

It’s an invitation your ears and heart can’t refuse.

STREAM: Fawn Wood’s new album, Kikāwiynaw, below:

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