Stream Laura Ortman’s Soundtrack for ‘Gringo Trails’, New Doc Film on Global Tourism

Acclaimed violinist and composer Laura Ortman provides the haunting and beautiful soundtrack for Gringo Trails, a new documentary exploring the impact of global tourism.

Brooklyn-based, White Mountain Apache musician and composer Laura Ortman explores new sonic terrain in her latest project: composing the original soundtrack music for Gringo Trails, a new documentary by Pegi Vail.

Vail, an anthropologist and Associate Director of the Center for Media, Culture, and History at NYU, made the film to examine the powerful globalizing force of increasing tourism worldwide.

Spanning South America, Africa and Asia, the tourist pathway known as the “gringo trail” has facilitated both life-altering adventures and the despoiling of many once virgin environments. The film follows stories along the trail to reveal the complex relationships between colliding cultures: host countries hungry for financial security and the tourists who provide it in their quest for authentic experiences.

Ortman’s soundtrack beautifully combines violin, electric guitar, piano, vocals and casio, with additional drums and percussion by Jim Pugliese and Christine Bard, creating a haunting and evocative score to accompany what looks to be a riveting documentary.

Stream: Laura Ortman’s – “Waves Awake”

Stream and download the full soundtrack on Bandcamp.

Watch the trailer for Gringo Trails

Gringo Trails Official Trailer from Pegi Vail on Vimeo.

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