Watch “From Another World,” the Final Video of Silver Jackson’s Starry Skies Opened Eyes Trilogy

The final video for Starry Skies Opened Eyes trilogy is a collaboration between Diné filmmaker Dylan McLaughlin and Tlingit Unangax̂ artist Silver Jackson.

“From Another World” has a melodic beat that will easily transport you into another orbit. Featuring production by Sax G and vocals from Sassy Black (formerly of THEESatisfaction), the song is as meditative as its video counterpart.

Lose yourself in the Rorschach-style treelines, an ever-soothing reminder that the earth is your protector – a sentiment that corresponds beautifully to Jackson’s newfound perspective on life after a near-death experience in a hunting accident a few years ago. This track will put it all into place as you experience renewal through Silver Jackson‘s eyes.

WATCH: Silver Jackson – “From Another World”

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