Winnipeg Hip-Hop Artist Young Kidd Returns With “In My Dreams”

Young Kidd re-emerges into the hip-hop limelight with his new song, “In My Dreams”.

It’s been a minute for Young Kidd.

The Winnipeg-based hip-hop artist was making moves and building his fan base a few years back, but then everything changed.

In 2013, Franklin (Young Kidd) Fontaine was sentenced to three years in prison for shooting off a prohibited firearm in a Winnipeg sports bar back in May 2009. It not only curtailed his freedom, it forced him to reconsider where his life was headed.

As a father to a young girl, Young Kidd took the time to reflect on his own choices and, having recently gotten out, he’s returned with an introspective hip-hop track charting the course of his recent years.

Flipping his handle on SoundCloud to YK The Mayor, Young Kidd spins a tale about family, incarceration, love and loss, and his determination to get right.

“When you locked up, all you got is time”, he speaks at the track’s close, “It’s just a matter of what you do with that time.”

STREAM: Young Kidd – “In My Dreams”

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