10 Songs Inspired by the Music Documentary, RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked the World

Apache rocker Stevie Salas chooses 10 songs inspired by the acclaimed new music documentary, Rumble.

RPM is pleased to present the Canadian Premiere of RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked the World at this year’s Hot Docs Film Festival on Sunday, April 30th in Toronto.

Ahead of the premiere, RPM sat down with Stevie Salas, musician and executive producer of the film, for an in-depth interview: Stevie Salas Shares the Untold Story of Indigenous Music in Acclaimed New Documentary, RUMBLE.

He also put together a playlist of some of his favourite songs inspired by the incredible A-list roster of artists included in the film, that you can listen to below:
1. Link Wray – “Rumble”

2. Link Wray – “Jack The Ripper”

Link Wray made these tracks in the 1950s and influenced everyone from Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page to The Kinks and The Who. And then those bands influenced the world.

3. Buffy Sainte-Marie – “Now That The Buffalo’s Gone”

Buffy is one of the country’s greatest songwriters and her songs have been recorded by everyone from Elvis to Courtney Love… All artists should know and learn from her. If you don’t have a GREAT song you will never break though!

4. John Lennon with Elton John and Jesse Ed Davis – “Whatever Gets You Thru The Night”

5. Jackson Brown with Jesse Ed Davis – “Doctor My Eyes”

Jesse Ed Davis influenced two of America’s biggest rock bands Aerosmith and The Allman Brothers. He played with all four Beatles, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart…What else can you say about that?? (Sidenote: My first band was Rod Stewart and I use to play some of Jesse’s guitar parts).

6. Redbone – “Come And Get Your Love”

Redbone had the biggest hits out of any native act. Jimi Hendrix told them to be themselves and do “The Indian Thing”.

7. Jimi Hendrix – “Castles Made Of Sand”

Jimi said he was trying to write a Native melody on guitar.

8. The Band with Robbie Robertson – “Up On Cripple Creek”

That’s some straight up country funk!

9. Black Eyed Peas – “Let’s Get It Started” 

Taboo and the band have sold 60 million records. Taboo puts his time and money where his mouth is. Much respect.

10. Ozzy Osborne with Randy Castillo – “No More Tears”

Randy called me the night they got the first rough demo of this song. It was 2am and we lived close to each other on the Hollywood Hills. He played me this song and right then I knew it was gonna be a huge record. It went multi-platinum.


Listen to Stevie Salas’ 10 Songs Inspired by the Film, Rumble on Spotify