Artist Call: Applications for 25th Annual NCI Jam

NCI FM has been broadcasting programming for and by Aboriginal people since 1971 and presenting the NCI Jam since ’86! An “amateur” talent contest, The NCI Jam has a grand prize of $2,500 and 50 radio plays on NCI.

If you’ve recorded professionally, or have ever made a living performing, you’re not eligible. This truly is an opportunity for emerging artists. And emerging artists, don’t sweat how to submit – NCI asks for just a recording of you singing. Hit record on the old ghetto blaster – they’ll accept cassette tapes! – or sing into your computer and burn it on to a CD.  Nothing fancy, just give it your best and your voice will get you there.

The top 4 win cash, but the opportunity to perform for a full house at the Pantages Playhouse in Winnipeg is a win for all the 20 selected artists.

Aboriginal Music posted CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS 2011 NCI JAM:

This year’s talent contest will be held at the Pantages Playhouse in Winnipeg on Saturday, September 24.

A total of 20 amateur singers from across NCI country will have the chance to perform in front of a packed house in downtown Winnipeg. A group of judges will score each of the contestants and NCI FM will tabulate the results to determine the winners.

The prizes are: 
First Place: $2,500
Second Place: $1,500
Third Place: $750
The Sydney Castel Honourable Mention Award: $100

The first place winner’s song will also receive 50 plays on NCI FM.

The NCI Jam contestants will be announced on Friday, August 26.

It’s free to submit an application to compete in the NCI Jam, but all contestants must pay a registration fee of $100 if they are invited to compete.

Please send your submission to: 
NCI Jam 2011
1507 Inkster Blvd
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R2X 1R2

You can also fax in or email your submission to:
F: (204) 779-5628
[email protected]

For more information:
Marlene Davis
P: 204.772.8255
[email protected]

Download the application (pdf) here and submit by Friday August 12, 2011, 3:00pm.

Good luck!