Blueprint for Life Drops Gems in the North

DJ Creeasian traveled to Nunavik in Northern Quebec with the Blue Print For Life organization and shows us some amazing video.

Blueprint For Life is an organization that runs “Social Work Through Hip-hop” programs through Canada’s northern region and inner cities. Founded by Stephen Leafloor aka “Buddha” from the legendary Canadian Floor Masters breakdance crew, Blue Print For Life has been taking hip-hop to places that may not have ever experienced it outside of television or the internet.

A member of the Blue Print For Life crew is DJ Creeasian, whom we have featured in our RPM Podcast #007: “Native Hip-Hop”. While traveling with the organization, DJ Creeasian teaches hiphop culture to both youth and elders in his journeys. On his last trip to the Aupaluk community, in Nunavik (Inuit), DJ Creeasian was able to share some of his award-winning turntablist skills with some elders there, even getting them to participate in the art of ‘scratching’ on the ‘ones and twos’.

Here we have some video of the occasion that we felt should be shared.

Props go out to DJ Creeasian and Stephen “Buddha” Leafloor for making hip-hop into a medicine that is crossing generations!

Also check out RedWire mag’s recent post for more on DJ Creeasion on redwiremag.com.

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