Diverse as This Land: Apply Now

The Diverse As This Land program explores how land shapes voice and reveals the dynamic spectrum of Indigenous artistry today. The program enrolls 12 singers, actors, and storytellers in the performing arts each year and is currently accepting applications.

From banffcentre.ca:

Indigenous Arts at THE BANFF CENTRE offers a 10-day voice intensive which is an in-depth examination of the human voice as primary channel for communication in the performer-audience relationship. Working from the feet up, the emphasis will be on establishing a grounded, spine-breath relationship that enables free expression of creative impulse.

During the voice intensive, participants will have opportunities to: develop a deep understanding of your unique breath and voice foster a tangible awareness of your own vocal and physical habits experience and incorporate a voice warm-up progression into your artistic practice explore a wealth of tools with which to tap into your imagination build a coherent and integrated approach to physical, vocal, and text/lyrics preparation deepen your ability to be in relationship with your music or scene partners, and your audience The program is intended for anyone who works in any sound tradition with physical, emotional, and vocal freedom. Singers, actors, storytellers.

Enrolment is limited to 12 participants of Indigenous descent who are 18 years of age or older. Full scholarships are available. You only have to pay for your travel to get to Banff. Imagine 10-days in Banff working on your voice.

It’s an incredible opportunity to develop your voice in the beautiful setting of The Banff Centre! Apply now – the deadline is April 18th – and tell us all about it.

More information and application form available here.


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