Introducing the RPM Artist Index & Artist Pages

In case you haven’t noticed them yet, we’re very proud to announce a great new part of the RPM site: the RPM Artist Index.

Now you can see all of the beautiful Indigenous faces of RPM at a quick glance—browse artists alphabetically, or zoom into an artist’s page for their photo, bio, and links to their music online—plus see what we’ve featured about them on RPM!

For example, check out Dene singer/songwriter Leela Gilday’s artist page:

We’ve had more than 400 artists come on board since our launch and we’ll be adding new artist pages to the site all the time.

Want to be featured on RPM? Go to the Get Involved section of our site and submit your music

And if you’re an artist who’s been featured on the site, or if you’d like to be, in the future we’ll be handing over the controls to you and you’ll be able to customize and update this page with your latest news and info.

Let us know what you think in the comments below—and thanks to all of you artists out there in Indian Country, we’re doing this for you.