Kool Krys’ New Release: Listen to Your Art

The title says it all – Listen to Your Art, from hip-hop artist Kool Krys, is a collection of songs crafted from Krys’ experiences, encouraging us all to follow our creative sparks.

Listen to Your Art is a polished mix of Kool Krys‘ raps with solid beats and, at times, a big-band sound, a back alley saxophone, sampled 50s blues, a wandering jazz piano and other varied musical colours that total a collection of 8 fantastic tracks. It’s a welcome dose of creativity from a strong female voice in Indigenous hip-hop.

Kool Krys is selling a limited run of 200 CDs via koolkrys.bandcamp.com where you can also buy a download of the album.

Check out Let Me Play It:

Listen to Your Art – Tracklisting:

  1. The Feeling
  2. Showstopper
  3. Let Me Play It
  4. If You Want
  5. Nails in Transit
  6. The Voice
  7. It’s Sunny, featuring Saidah Conrad
  8. Timeout