Mic Jordan’s, #DearNativeYouth, is a Passionate Dedication to Uplifting the Community

Mic Jordan’s new video, “#DearNativeYouth”, speaks to directly to those who need to hear it most—the youngest members of our community.

Equal parts open letter of understanding and story of encouragement, Mic Jordan‘s new video is simple statement of love and responsibility to the community.

That’s what makes it dope.

The up-and-coming Turtle Mountain Anishinaabe hip-hop artist is part of a stellar list of Indigenous musicians and poets contributing to The Last Stand Mixtape, dropping later this fall, and “#DearNativeYouth” is the first glimpse of what we can expect from the mixtape. Encapsulating both the spirit and sentiment of a new generation of Native artists fighting back against all forms of oppression with strength, unity, and conviction, Mic Jordan makes clear that this is bigger than a hashtag movement.

#DearNativeYouth is about affirming the life we share in common, and the dreams that every youth in our community deserves not only to have access to, but to feel confident in achieving.

The Tido Vegas-produced track features a lilting guitar loop paired with Jordan’s impassioned flow, and a melodic hooks that hits just the right note of uplift, minus the corny-ness.

Respect to all the Indigenous artists raising it up each other and for a worthy purpose—celebrating Indigenous life, love, and power. That’s what the movement is really about.

WATCH: Mic Jordan’s “#DearNativeYouth”

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  1. Brandy Baker

    This is exactly what the youth in the Native Community needs. 🙂 This is a powerful song that truly speaks directly to the youth on their level. Mic Jordan has done an excellent job on this song. The words speak closer to the heart than you think they will. I fully support this video! Great job! Aho!